• MANHATTAN – Choice of bourbon, sweet vermouth, and a dash of bitters
  • COSMO – Choice of Vodka, Triple Sec and cranberry juice
  • OLD FASHIONED – Choice of Bourbon, Sprite, all over muddled orange, sugar, and bitters
  • TOM COLLINS – Choice of Gin, our homemade simple syrup, lemon juice and club soda
  • MARTINI – Choice of Vodka or Gin and dry or sweet vermouth (Served to your preference)
  • WHITE RUSSIAN – Friis Vodka, Kahlua and cream
  • TEQUILA SUNRISE – Choice of Tequila, orange juice and a splash of grenadine
  • SEX ON THE BEACH – Friis Vodka, Malibu, Peach Schnapps, cranberry and pineapple juices
  • MOSCOW MULE – Choice of Vodka, Ginger Beer and a dash of lime juice
  • MIMOSA – Korbel Brut and orange juice
  • MARGARITA – Choice of Tequila, Grand Marnier and Triple Sec (Rocks or Blended)
  • LONG ISLAND – Friis Vodka, Tanqueray, Triple Sec, sweet and sour and a splash of Coke
  • COLORADO BULLDOG – Friis Vodka, Kahlua, Coke and cream
  • BLACK RUSSIAN – Friis Vodka, Kahlua and Coke
  • BLOODY MARY – Choice of Vodka, Triple Sec and our secret Bloody Mary recipe
  • DAIQUIRI – Bacardi blended with our Strawberry Daiquiri Mix
  • RUSTY NAIL – Choice of Scotch and Drambuie (Rocks)
  • MOJITO – Bacardi, Soda, and our homemade simple syrup over muddled mint and lime
  • PINA COLADA – Bacardi blended with Cream de Coconut and pineapple juice
  • HURRICANE – Bacardi Limon, Bacardi O, cranberry and orange juices